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This page lists curated experiments that are available for public. You can click on anyone to explore the experiment further and run it on a model. You can also clone the experiment which would require you to sign-up on the website.
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Title Design Stimuli Readout Cell-Types Speciessort descending PMID Transcriber
Yuen1999_Fig1D DoseResponse BDNF aTrKB NIH 3T3 cells (murine fibroblasts) cell-line 10486198 Nisha Ann Viswan
Jain2009_Fig2B TimeSeries BDNF aTrKB NIH 3T3 cells (murine fibroblasts) cell-line 10486198 Nisha Ann Viswan
Lee2008_Fig3F TimeSeries Glutamate intmGluR HeLa cells expressing Myc-mGluR5 with or without CaM incubated with Glutamate cell-line 18715999 Nisha Ann Viswan, U.S. Bhalla
Martin2006_Fig1B TimeSeries EGF EGFR_internal COS-1 cells cell-line 16914641 Nisha Ann Viswan
Pinilla-Macua2016_Fig3A_internal TimeSeries EGF EGFR_internal NIH 3T3 cells cell-line 26360045 Nisha Ann Viswan
Rothenberg2018_FigS3B TimeSeries EGF protein HeLa cells cell-line 30466063 Nisha Ann Viswan
Saito2004_Fig2C TimeSeries EGF aEGFR Chinese hamster ovary cells expressing EGF and insulin receptor cell-line 15192046 Nisha Ann Viswan
Akam1997_Fig1_inset TimeSeries Glutamate Glu_mGluR_Gq BHK cells expressing rat mGluR1 in-vitro 9249258 Nisha Ann Viswan
Ji2010_Fig1B_TrKB_acute TimeSeries BDNF aTrKB Embryonic hippocampal neurons E18 Mouse 20173744 Nisha Ann Viswan
Ribeiro2009_Fig4B TimeSeries DHPG amGluR Striatal neurons cultured from E15 mouse embryo brains transfected with GFP adenovirus mouse 19564331 Nisha Ann Viswan
Bowling2016_Fig1C BarChart BDNF protein brain slice from C57Bl6 mice or E18-19 Sprague Dawley rat embryos Mouse/Rat 26205778 Nisha Ann Viswan
Osterweil2010_Fig1G BarChart DHPG protein hippocampal slices P25-P30 C57BL/6J mice 21084617 Nisha Ann Viswan
Wei-Lun2015_Fig4C_BDNF TimeSeries BDNF protein Cortical neurons E18 Sprague-Dawley rats Rat 26134564 Nisha Ann Viswan
Dieterich2010_Fig5B TimeSeries BDNF protein primary cultures of hippocampal neurons from P0-2 Sprague-Dawley rat pups Rat 20543841 Nisha Ann Viswan
Lee2008_Fig4C BarChart DHPG intmGluR cultured hippocampal neurons from E18 Sprague-Dawley rats Rat 18715999 Nisha Ann Viswan, U.S. Bhalla